Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long Time No Post

So, I've completely neglected this blog. Life is just plowing along and I forget to even show up here!

Work is still a major issue. None of the problems from September have been resolved and many are worse. Not sure what I will be doing next year.

The school district here had a really bad business manager who completely mismanaged all of the funds so now they are scrambling to avoid layouts. It makes me really concerned about what my children's education is going to look like. Do I shell out the money for private school?

My scrapbooking is still going strong. I did make the leap and I will be doing all of my scrapping for 2008 digitally with only special albums done in paper. I've made a few CT changes. Sue Jones, my very first designer and someone I've grown to consider a friend decided to retire. I completely understand, but am soooo bumbed about it. I resigned from Digitals. Just didn't seem to be a good fit for me. So now I'm working with Ann-Marie, Kiki Halbert and Dawn Wilson. I also am currently guesting with Victoria Feemster and I will be guesting with Melissa Bennett in December.

That's all the news on this front.

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