Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Honor of Father's Day...

Here's a layout from Mother's Day! I used Kiwi Gelato by Kiki Scraps Designs.

Friday, June 15, 2007

It made my day!

Yesterday was my last day of work in Melrose! You would think that would be the highlight of my day, right? Wrong! The thing that made me smile the most, that I am still impressed with is what happened in the morning before going to work.

I need to leave for work way too early. So even though I was running late, I was still leaving at 6:50am. As I walked out the door I saw my neighbor from the end of the road (we live on a dead end and he lives in the last house) pushing his motorcycle down the street. He pushed it all the way to the corner and then hopped on, coasted down to the end of the next street (also a dead end) before he started his motor. I thought that was the most considerate thing for him to do. It's got to be a pain to do that each morning and he doesn't have to. He's entitled to drive his vehicle from his home just like the rest of us. Yet, he thought of all of us and decided to be the ultimate example of a gentleman! Thank you!

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Prima Ballerina

Saturday was Caroline's recital. Here she is during her tap routine giving her best roar. I think she's ready for Broadway! She did a great job and the recital was very professional as always. I give a lot of credit to her dance school because it's pretty hard to make a production including mostly 4-8 year olds look very professional.
My one big problem with the whole recital was with the other parents there. We got there 45 minutes early and there was already a line (no biggie, I figured there would be). It wasn't too long so I wasn't too worried. As we waited, people just kept joining the line in front of us as they had 1 family member come early just to hold the spot. Still no biggie since there were only about 20-30 people. Well, they open the doors and we go in only to find that those 20-30 people managed to take up the first 6 or 7 rows! There was literally 1 person for every 5 seat that was "taken" by a jacket, umbrella, program, etc. I was so annoyed. I don't understand why my daughter should miss out on the opportunity of seeing her family in the audience just because there is only myself and my husband in the area when her friend has 2 whole rows of people there because her father got there just before us and reserved a seat for him, his wife, both sets of grandparents and various aunts, uncles and cousins. I have no problem with not being close to the stage if all the people sitting in front of me actually were waiting in line before me. I have no problem with a spouse saving a seat for his/her mate. But is some sort of fair ratio too much to ask? I say, if you weren't there...too bad! Get in line like the rest of us!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

For Sale

Adorable 2-year-old boy. Answers to the name David (most of the time). 30ish pounds, big blue eyes. Will give a good price!

I can't wait for the 2s to be OVER! David's newest pastime is public tantrums and he's VERY good at it! Today, it was at church. I should have known it was going to happen. We had a meeting right after the service so we didn't make it out the door at the same time as usual. He did ok until it was our usual time to leave and then he started to lose it. I took him out of the service to try to avoid disrupting the meeting and that's when the gates of Hell opened up! He screamed and thrashed around in the lobby up until the second he saw people starting to leave. Then he was fine. Until we walked back in and he realized that Paul had packed up all of his stuff. Then it started again. The whole thing ended with me dragging him out of the church kicking and screaming and fighting with him for almost 10 minutes just to get him strapped into his car seat. He screamed about half way home and then fell asleep. I am so done with this stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Once again, Begging for support!

My Breast Cancer 3 day is quickly approaching! I will be walking in less than 2 months and I still have quite a bit of money to raise. Anything you can do to help me end this horrible disease would be greatly appreciated!

Donations can be made on line (it is a secure site) at my support page located here:

Please, please, please help me!

Layout of the Day

After a year of digi scrapping one of my layouts was picked as Layout of the Day at Digitals! The best part is that it was made with a kit I used from one of my CT assignments! Doesn't that make me look like a valuable team memeber?! (Job security!)

Here's the link (so you know I'm not making this stuff up).

And here's the layout using "Sherbet Flowers" by Sue Jones.

I got a new job!!!!

I am the newest employee of Beverly Public Schools!!! I am so excited to be leaving Melrose. The commute is much shorter. The pay is better. I will be leaving the mess that is developing FAR behind me! Of course, there are some employees that I will miss a great deal but all in all...

Ok, so I post once a month!

Here are some new layouts that I'm really loving...

Kit is Misty Maier's Sun Kissed Summer.

And this one...
Kit is "On The Playground" by Heather Roselli.