Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We went to a local park the other night to spend some family time together and ended up being there right at sunset. I was disappointed because we got to this point after the sun had disappeared behind the horizon and I "missed" the sunset. Silly me. I did manage to catch this little moment with Paul and the kids. Probably my favorite photo I've ever taken.

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Creative Team

I am so excited that I was chosen to be on a new Creative Team. I had been going through the cycle of getting rejection after rejection. It was especially disheartning because I knew that I had done some really great layouts over the past few months. It was hard to not start looking at those layouts as lesser quality or wastes of space. But in a rare moment of self-confidence I was able to tell myself, "I'm just not what they are looking for." That was until...

Dawn Wilson.

Can I just say how under-rated she is as a designer? She is FABULOUS (yes, I meant to scream that)! I have been having so much fun over the past week playing with all her designs.

Here are a bunch of my layouts.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New ADSR Challenge

So Scrapbook Elements put out the 6th challenge. My first thought was, "NO WAY." But it turned into a lot of fun. I am really, really happy with how it came out. I really didn't think that I was capable of creating layouts like this. We were only allowed to use 3 papers (1 plain and 2 patterned), had to use at least 15 elements (no more than 2 elements per any given designer), needed some title work, journaling and date/name information.

The credits are quite extensive:
Miss Thang-Amy Tanabe-Navy Fall Paisley paper-Melany Violette-handmade white paper-Melany Violette-Pink Felt Alpha h-Victoria Feemster-OAKS collab kit for the boys paper-Victoria Feemster-Junk Drawer Ribbon red folded ribbon (darkened)-Nancie Rowe Janitz-inked edge overlay (recolored)-KSC-SS-LYO (Scrap Girls) String and Discs Fastener-Anita Stergiou (PickleBerry Pop)-Winter Warmers flower-Anita Stergiou (Pickle Berry Pop)-Winter Warmers alpha g-Sue Jones-Which Stitch Arrowhead-Ange Barton-Twist Tie Alpha n-Digi Brandi-Beach Chipboard Alpha a-Kylie Clark-Irregular Sticker Alpha t-Dana Zarling-grungy frame (recolored)-Jennifer Barrette-Doodle Stickies flourish 1-Jennifer Barrette-Folded Paper Frames star frame-Durin Eberhart-blue round tag-Angela Young-Cardboard corner (recolored)-Angela Young-Cardboard flower-Kiki Scraps Designs-Brocade Dreams flower 2-Kiki Scraps Designs-Kashmir Bliss ribbon-Traci Reed-Boy Theory shoelace star-Traci Simms-Cherry Vanilla gemstone-Masja-Rust and Grunge paper scrap journaling tab-Andrea Burns-Spring Blossoms rose blue-Erica Hite-100% Original bar code-Amanda McGee-Comfort Special Ribbons blue and gree knotted ribbon-Lottchen-Mess Ribbon measuring tape-Sara Ellis-Snazzy Snoodle Butterfly 4-Liz Walters-star-fonts-The King And Queen, Typewriter Oldstyle, Will&Grace