Saturday, March 3, 2007

Baby No More!

Well, today was David's birthday party. Tomorrow, my baby will be 2! I'm not entirely sure I like that. In fact, I am certain that I do not like that at all! These 2 years have flown by.

I took him to the Picture People to get his picture taken. He did pretty well there. A few Goldfish and I was able to convince him to pose for a few pictures. They ended up coming out really well. I had a very hard time choosing the one I wanted. They actually asked me if it would be ok to use his photos in the store for their advertising!

We had his birthday party today. That was a lot of fun. The Reids, Dodges and Greg came over. David loved it. He even blew out his candles! Tomorrow morning we will give him our presents.

PS-On the house front, our house is officially in "Pending" status!

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